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Color Trend 2016 Sariayu: Krakatau—The Color of Asia

Do you ever heard about Sari Ayu Martha Tilaar? Actually It’s local product from Indonesia. Long time ago, I only used their shampoo and conditioner because it has best result on my hair. I never tried their cosmetics because I’m not interested with the quality of products. But now, I changed my mind! They’ve been transform into a really good and high quality cosmetics. And FYI, I’m admiring their duo lip color.


About a month ago, me and all of my beauty bloggers fella attended the launch of Color Trend 2016 Sariayu Martha Tilaar, inspired by Krakatau—The Color of Asia #TrendWarnaKrakatau.
The event held at Empirica bar and lounge, SCBD on 10.30 AM until 2.00 PM. Before I came to the event, Sariayu Martha Tilaar had sent me the invitation and also the 3 real size duo lip color and eye shadow kit. So, on that day, I was wearing the newest cosmetic of Sariayu Martha Tilaar color trend 2016. That was the time when I fallen in love with Sariayu Martha Tilaar.

As I arrived, met dozen of my friends. Just like it was held to gather me with my friends. On this opportunity, Sariayu Martha Tilaar introduced us with Color Trend 2016, inspired by Krakatau—The Color of Asia.

Krakatau, known as Krakatoa, is the legendary history for Indonesian and the world. On the afternoon of 26th August 1883 Mt. Krakatau suddenly erupted with such cataclysmic force that its boom could be heard in Burma to far away Australia. Massive volcanic materials blasted so high causing a gaping gash in its crater and the mountain imploded and sank. The boiling sea brought about huge tsunami waves of more than 10 meters high, devastating the towns of Banten and Anyer on Java and Lampung on Sumatra, wiping out their entire population. While Krakatau’s volcanic ash was reported to circle the earth’s atmosphere, creating spectacular sunsets around the globe for two years. 

On stage, Mrs. Martha Tilaar, as a founder and chairman of Sariayu Martha Tilaar said, “ Since 38 years ago, Sariayu Martha Tilaar always do innovation year by year. The beauty concept of Indonesian women is always based on the “Rupasampat Wahyabiantara” philosophy, which means a true beauty is a collaboration between two elements, outer beauty that emitting the physical beauty and inner beauty that shown by the nobleness of aura and body from the inside. Mount Krakatau is an expression of color trend 2016 of Sariayu Martha Tilaar’s commitment to bringing the inspiration in literature art, film, and research.”


The Krakatau Islands are located within the sub-district of Rajabasa, South Lampung, in Lampung Province on Sumatra. With the tradition of local people where they still have old villages and celebrate festivals. The most well known fabric that they have is Tapis. Tapis is reflection of classical heritage, a traditional woven fabric that gleams with golden embroideries. Tapis consists of naturally colored woven fabrics with warped gold thread and silk embroidery. Tapis was woven on simple back strap looms using cotton and silk warps as well as cotton weft. The warp-striped textiles were hand-embroidered with a good amount of gold and silk thread.
The colors of Sariayu Martha Tilaar 2016 cosmetic collection is inspired by majestic, beauty, and richness of Krakatoa and Tapis.


Color Trend 2016, inspired by Krakatau—The Color of Asia is launched duo lip color with 12 shades, Krakatau 1 eye shadow palette, Krakatau 2 Eye shadow palette, and Krakatau Eye Shadow Kit. Duo lip color comes with 2 in 1 package, matte and glossy. Its perfect fits on your lips, pigmented, and a bit resistance (water and oil). Duo lip color has UV filter to protect our lips from UV light. Also natural moisturizer formula gives your lips protection to dry.


Krakatau 1 eye shadow palette inspired by beauty of Mt. Krakatau and ocean around the mountain with cool tone; purple blue-ish, silver grey, and light Tosca to give your eyes dynamic effect.

Krakatau 2 eye shadow palette inspired by gold embroideries of Tapis. It consists from chocolate, yellow gold, and peach. Easy to use for daily make up.


The most favorite is unique triangle brush. And each brush has own benefit, which I believe really helpful to apply the eye shadow onto my eyes.

After that, Sariayu Martha Tilaar did fashion collaboration with Opi Bachtiar and Mukti Liem to create new-look of this trend 2016.  We totally happy with the event. Look what I brought from the event. They gave it to invitees in real size!!


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  1. memnag sari ayu mah mantap, aku cocok dengan sariayu ini, krn aku punay kulit sensitif

    1. Aku juga cocok ternyata, mbak Tira... tekstur lipsticknya juga nggak berat. Eye shadownya juga pigmented tanpa harus menggunakan eye base ^ ^

      Thank you sudah mampir ya ^ 3 ^

  2. Sari ayu ini cantik banget yah mba, aku suka apalagi produk lokal ^^

    1. Iyaaa... cantik banget! Next akut mau review swatch tiap lipstick duo lip colornya. Thank you udah rajin mampir dan follow ya, mbak. Sudan aku follow balik ^ 3 ^

    2. Waah aku tunggu reviewnya yaaa ^^ sama2 yaaa :)


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