Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Flower By KENZO L'Elixir Launch Event

Helooooww!! Who loves perfume here??? I’ve ever posted about fragrances 2 or 3 times in these blog. Fresh your memories that I wrote about The Body ShopStrawberry Body Mist and LancômeTrésor Midnight Rose.


But this time, lets talk another my favorite fragrance! So, early February, I’ve got invited by KENZO Indonesia to be witness of their new fragrance, FLOWER BY KENZO L’Elixir. I love how they decorated the venue, so well prepared! <3 <3 <3

And also, every invitees got this fortune cookies! Yeay! Guess what I’ve got in there? Gonna let you know at the end of the post :3


Do you know the bewitching power of the poppy? A precious flower, with invaluable vitality. Its bloom conceals a vibrant sensuality, revealing the essence of women, their most captivating facet. FLOWER BY KENZO L'Elixir celebrates this femininity with a gourmand floral fragrance. The delicious raspberry note and Bulgarian rose essence compose a subtle and refined alchemy, while the bourbon vanilla and praline distil a sensual addiction.


A woman meets a poppy. On contact, she turns into a fairy. Together, they enchant the city, put a smile on people’s face, make the world more beautiful. Such is the power of this singular, activist, fragile yet strong flower. The poppy is scentless, KENZO perfume has invented its fragrance. The fragrance of a singular and timeless flower, a militant flower in the city.


The bottle looks elegant and feminist. A poppy stretches out, unfolds and hangs suspended, as if balanced on its glass tower. Touched by its gracefulness, the tower leans over, just a little. Serge Mansau insufflated a bold simplicity into this ethereal bouquet.


KENZO L’Elixir comes with 3 different sizes and price! KENZO L’Elixir is fragrance which become you love the most. Flower by KENZO L’Elixir has 30 ml, KENZO L’elixir 50ml, and KENZO L’Elixir 100ml


KENZO L’Elixir perfume simply becoming my favorite now! <3 <3 <3


After the launch event, KENZO Indonesia let us had tea time at TWG tea. Marvelous! It was my first time to be at TWG Tea.

Would you want to know what I’ve got from KENZO’s fortune cookies? I got sample size of Flower by KENZO in 15ml/5 Oz and also… got KENZO L’Elixir 30ml!!!


If you want to know more about Flower by KENZO L’Elixir, just click link on below:

and follow their IG account:

Have one of you use Flower by KENZO L’Elixir? What do you think about KENZO L’Elixir perfume? Look forward your thought on comment box ^ ^
See you on my next post :3

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  1. harganya bikin pengen nguyah beling, terlalu mahal buat ibu ibu cem aku

    1. Hahaha... iya mak Windah... harganya mevvah bener :)))
      Pakainya jg irit jadinya biar cimit-cimit aja pas event khusus ya. Makasih sudah mampir :*

    2. ngunyah beling. epic sekali XD
      30 ml mihil imit, tapi awet melawan kerasnya jekarda gak el XD

  2. wuuuahhh, bunga poppy... bahan baku utk membuat opium ;).. intinya, wewangian baru kenzo ini bakal membius pemakai dan org2 yang mneciumnya yaa ;).. mamaku nih yg setia bgt ama kenzo... aku juga suka sih, tapi sebagai pecinta semua merk parfum, gonta ganti jadinya :D.. tp jd penasaran ama wangi yg baru..

    1. Iyaa.. aku takut jadi ketagihan. EH bener ternyata! :)))
      Abis wanginya enak. Manis tapi nggak bikin eneg, gitu. Aku juga suka ganti-ganti sih. Tapi paling wanginya suka mirip-mirip nggak jauh beda mbak Fanny.
      Anyway, thank you sudah mampir. Salam kenal :-*

  3. wahh jadi pengen nyoba, apalagi wanginya tahan lama..


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