Saturday, December 12, 2015

REVIEW: Oscar Blandi Jasmine Hair Serum

‘Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.’

  —Ivana Trump


Hello, beautiful and bloody gorgeous ladies in the world!
I’m back! After worked trip almost a month. Now, I have a spare time to blogging. This post happened because I really satisfied after using OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum.


I was interested to buy about couple months ago. But, considering A, B, C, etc, WOMAN!! Then, about a month ago—before trip, I decided to buy. First, I just want to buy Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. It is super famous! Since I never ever tried any dry shampoo before, then I’m thinking to buy it. Due to condition of work trip, I would probably lazy to wash my hair because schedule of the trip will tight. Then I bought travel size kit package of Ocar Blandi. It’s cheaper than you buy a big size of one item. I got 3 items: Oscar Blandi Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray, Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray, and Oscar Blandi Jasmine Hair Serum.

Lets skip the intro!
Along the trip, my hair got prolonged exposure to sunlight. Everybody knows UVA and UVB rays can damage the cuticle. My hair gets discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning and (I hate the most!) frizziness. And also, I was swimming in a chlorinated pool. So, you can imagine how worse my hair is, right???

Even though, I always apply conditioner after shampooing. It’s still dry and dull. Ugly! Then I’ve tried OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum every time after wash my hair. I pour a few drops as needed and style as desired onto my damp hair. I love the scent of jasmine flowers stays on my hair. Let my hair dry. And voila! Voluminous, soothing, minimizing frizz of my hair, and the most favorite is my hair feels so light! Not even greasy. Its quite fantastic since I’ve tried a few hair serum and it makes my hair greasy and oilier.

OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum makes the hair shine and stops it from tangling. Protects the hair from the damages by overexposure to the sun. OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum returns the moisture lost due to exposure to sun or heat generated from the hair styling.


OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum bottle comes in pump-up plastic bottle with size 1.69 Oz/50ml and 0.5 Oz/15ml. Easy to control in how much amount you want to use, without wasting too much product. On the label says:
Fight frizz with flower powder
Jasmine oil serum provides instant and long lasting shine to all hair types. It prevents unwanted frizz while giving shine, definition, and light reflection to dull hair.

OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum made from Jasmine Extracts, Vitamin E, and sweet Almond Oil adds gloss and provides anti-frizz benefits to the hair. Its all prevents unwanted frizz, provides shine, definition and light. And Vitamin E as a powerful anti-oxidant that protects, adds strength and provides anti-frizz benefits
The most important thing to use hair serum is: don’t over use hair serum without washing hair, as this will lead to greasy hair, super oily, and dandruff. Make sure your hair is washed and clean before using a hair serum.

·      Easy to carry on, suitable for you who love traveling.
·      Jasmine scents so relaxing
·      The Jasmine scents stays on the hair for a decent time period
·      Removes my frizziness hair and gives shine, light, also not even oily. Love!

·      Quite pricey!!! But you know exactly the best product comes with best price, right? For 1.69 Oz/50ml will cost you IDR 495.000 or USD 30. But if you buy travel package size called ‘Runway Protection Kit’, it’s only cost you IDR 460.000 with 3 items. In these package, OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum sizes on 0.5 Oz/15ml. I give you recommendation to buy this package because it consists from 3 products which I believe will help you in crisis time.

I’m totally gonna re-purchase OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum. It’s really perfect for my hair. Have you ever tried OSCAR BLANDI Jasmine Hair Serum? If you don’t, well, I think this is the best time for you to give it a try, beauties! ^_~

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  1. Sukaaa banget sama wangi serum ini haha

  2. Aku suka banget treatment creambath dan pakai hair serum :)
    Lain kali coba ah rekomendasinya Elnie...

    1. Haiii HeyDeerahma! Makasih udah mampir ^ ^
      Nah wajib dicoba serum ini! Soalnya serum Oscar Blandi Jasmine ini skg lagi jadi serum terfavorit aku banget. Abis wanginya enak banget :3


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