Monday, October 12, 2015

A Day With Julie's Biscuit

‘If you feel there is something missing in life. It is almost always a biscuit’


Now, lets talk about biscuit! Who doesn’t like biscuits? For me, biscuits kind of my best friend when I’m blogging, working, or just snacking time. Especially when I read books or travel miles away to somewhere. I make sure to always have them with me.

So, last week, I was invited to come to Julie’s Biscuit Media & Blogger Gathering: ‘A Day with Julie’s’ at XXI Club Djakarta Theatre. Can you imagine how excited I’m to be there?

I'm totally curious with the factory >.<

First encounter, they introduced us with Mr. Martin Ang, Director Perfect Food Manufacturing. He explained to us the story of Julie’s factory. Started in 1981, Malaysia’s most popular biscuit brand in (Melaka) Malacca, Julie’s biscuit factory commenced production of high quality and delicious premium cookies. After that, Julie’s biscuit has been sold to 70 countries in the world. Julie’s biscuit vision is conduct their business with conscience to benefit all. And their mission is: we baked with love, we care for the society (CSR), we love the earth (plantation). Baking better biscuits" is the Company's commitment to achieve their customers' satisfaction. I really want to visit their factor, TBH.

A good thing from Julie’s biscuit is not only that.
They won’t let you eat their biscuit except the best qualities.

They showed to us about their CSR campaign, ‘Share The Love’. A program about 1 million to share a biscuit in one day! They share the love by biscuits to people in Malaysia. Mr. Martin also introduced us with the most popular product from Julie’s Biscuit, Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich. With gold creamy of special peanut butter, Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich low calories and pack with simple package.

I just knew why they use Caucasian girl with yellow braid hair is to add a European appeal.

 And they hired Rianti Cartwright as Julie’s Biscuit Brand Ambassador. Besides her passions to baking world. She said that she really loves snacks, biscuit for sure. She looks from low calories, ingredients, nutrition facts, and quality of products.

Julie’s biscuit never stop to do innovation. Julie’s Biscuit commit to give the best services and products. One of their innovation is special Julie’s with Hershey’s (The Hershey Company), the oldest chocolate factory in U.S. Julie’s has been chosen by Hershey’s to collaborated to producing Julie’s Hershey’s Chocolate Fudge Cookies. FYI, This is the best biscuit I’ve ever tasted!!!!

The best thing from A Days with Julie’s Biscuit was we got a huge package of Julie’s Biscuit! Wohoo! I was so happy to meet my friends from Kumpulan Emak Blogger and Beauty bloggers. \o/

Thank you for #ADayWithJuliesBiscuit to Julie’s biscuit.

Have you ever tried Julie’s biscuit? What’s your favourite? Mine is Julie’s Hershey’s Chocolate Fudge Cookies. Share your favourite on comment box, guys! ^ ^

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  1. My favorit is chocolate hazelnut cookies :D but overall i like julie's biscuit all variants.

    1. Aku belom coba ituuu... kamu dapetnya yang itu yak? Kamu mesti cobainlah si choco fudge ini... enak beneerrr... lumer dimulut!

  2. Penasaran deh sama kue ini. Enakkah? Hehehe.... sebagai tukang ngemil, aku tertantang untuk nyoba. Srmoga bisa segera ada di toko2 deket rumah... :D

    1. Enak banget mbaaakk Niaaa...... Kamu harus coba! Cari di farmers market kalo kata mbak Echa...
      Kalo yang peanut butter sih ada katanya di indomaret gitu...
      Anyway, salam kenal. Makasih udah mampir ^ ^

  3. Wahh... ada Rianti Cartwright.... aku mau Herseys chocolate fudge-nya~~~~~~
    <3 <3 <3

  4. Cantik yaa rianti, btw aku dah nyobain biskuit nya ... enak buat temen minum teh


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