Sunday, October 25, 2015

#BrowWowID ‘BENEFIT Knows Brows’ from YUCK to WOW!

I’m so excited! HAHAHAHA…. Too much sugar in my blood!
Anyway, it’s not the point. All about how excited I was to post Benefit Cosmetics event!!!! Yep, I really want to have an opportunity to be a part of Benefit Cosmetics long time ago. Because when they have make up or brow class, mostly quite pricey for me. That’s why when I had a chance to participate, I submit to the event. And its freeeee! Say it again, FREEEE!!! HAHAHAHA…. Ok, I just overrated now.


It’s all begun when I see through my feed on instagram. And I found the event promotion from Benefit Cosmetics about #BrowWowID ‘BENEFIT Knows Brows’ from YUCK to WOW! Talk Show to celebrate Central Department Store 1st Anniversary at Grand Indonesia. I was chosen 1 of 20 participants who will get goodies. Luckily!


When I arrived there, WOW! Amazing! Benefit Cosmetics really work hard in every detail of decoration. I was like, GOSH! It’s beautiful! I only can stalked how beautiful the decoration of Benefit Cosmetics event so far only through their feed on Instagram. Sadly, I know.


To be honest, I’m not that good at shaping my eyebrow. I was 3-4 times visit Benefit Cosmetics store to have my eyebrow gets shape before this workshop. I know Benefit Cosmetics have some expert Brow Artisans. Even though I had once bad experience with one of BA. It doesn’t make me trauma to coming back. You could saw the review of Benefit Cosmetics Brow Artist on Benefit Cosmetics official instagram.


So, the MC (I forgot her name. Big Sorry! >.<), welcoming us and share the secret behind Browax by Benefit Cosmetics. So, the story started from Ford twins, Jean & Jane Ford, 2 Indiana farm gals have wonderful career path who moved to San Francisco to start their own business in beauty industry. In 1976, they started their Casserole Café and served brow wax treatment at their college.  Then brilliant idea came up to their mind, why not open a makeup shop? And next, they opened The Face Place, a tiny makeup shop in San Francisco’s mission district where specialize make a product for its fun instant beauty solutions. And now they have more than 2.100 stores In 30 countries. Can you imagine that?

Lets go back to the event. Indah, national brow master of Benefit Cosmetics, taught us about brow mapping technique. Brow mapping is their technique that creates perfect arches. You can get your brows done at Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar. Just see the picture on below to know step by step to get your brows done, beauties! This technique helps you to get natural shape which perfect for your face. Because every people have different face shape to each other. Just like eyebrows. And this knowledge has been transferred to all Benefit-trained aesthetician.

picture taken from

The Benefit Beauty aesthetician will asked the client to be sitting while they perfect your arches, because they get a better idea of what will work with the client’s facial structure. This results in a more natural looking brow, with the majority of hairs being removed from underneath instead of from the top. The sugar wax made from 100% natural ingredients. We don’t have to worry about irritation at all. I can’t say it’s not hurt, but still bearable if you compare with others. And so far, Benefit Cosmetics brow wax still on top of my favorite. FYI, they are not only wax your eyebrow. But they also give you after treatment such as cooling treatment, filling your eyebrows after shaping, and also TOUCH UP! They won’t let you out of their store without gorgeous look! <3 <3 <3

They asked volunteer to shape their eyebrow. FYI, Benefit Cosmetics has own ‘cool name’ to call their customers, BENEBABES for GIRLS and BENEBROS for boys. So, on this opportunity, 2 lucky people will get their eyebrows done by their Brow Artist expertise in Plaza Indonesia, Nuka. I do really admire her, anyway! >.<


Benefit Cosmetics is the largest employers of professional aesthetician in the world. The Benefit Cosmetics taught their staffs that are completely passionate about their brand, their products, just like Indah, blown me away. She is such a nice person and knowledgeable.


Well, the event packed and organized. They always did a wonderful job for every event. Gave us informative and useful information. I love how they decorated the stage. And the most important, I love to be a part of the event. It was an honor for me. Thank you for the REAL goodies, Benefit Cosmetics.

And I met 2 gorgeous beauty bloggers here, Maya and Reihan Putri. They are so kind and fabs!


If you want to know more about them, just log on to:

So, any of you ever tried their Brow wax? Let me know and share your experiences on comment box. I hope you have happy experience just like me ^ ^

See you and my next post. Will keep you updated with more stories! ^ 3 ^

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  1. ampe skr pun aku ga bisa ngenbentuk alis jd cakep gitu -___-.. ga pernah simetris... jd kalo udh nyerah mending ke salon deh

  2. aku bentuk alis asal-asalan .____.
    pake ini kece kali ya

  3. Eh itu co yaaa yg di foto ??? pasang alis juga ??? Oh dunia hahaha


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