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REVIEW: SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream

‘The eyes are the window to the soul’



Hi, beauties! I finally have the time to update my blog. Today, I’m going to review SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream. As mentioned in my skincare haul post, I bought SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream in hurry because I really wanted to try. I’m dying to have an eye cream because my dark circle is getting worse these days. I’ve got recommendation from my bestie, Melissa, to try this one. Because it’s a good product and affordable. 


I bought SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream at Senayan City. Remember how bad the sample pot is? Yes, the presentation of sample really gross. It will makes you thinking back to buy. The color is so different with the real one, which is should be white. The smells just like expired salmon! I hope SKIN FOOD Indonesia would consider checking every sample on their every stores.


Ok, lets start to review SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Hope you find this post useful!


SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream comes in 30g little cute pot. >.<
It is a plastic jar with metal lid and very sturdy. You know the reason why Korean cosmetics products are easy to get attention, right? Because the presentation always ahead. When I open the cap, it has hard plastic to cover up the pot. Hygienic, check! I’m quite surprise and satisfied because this cream is totally full. I’m sure it will long lasting to use for me. A year, may be? xD

The cream itself is rich and quite thick, but not greasy. And it will leave glowing effect after that. The SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream quickly absorbs and moisturized around your eyes. It is ok to use before make up because it doesn’t leave any layer on skin. The smell is nice. Not fishy. But I don’t know what smell it is. Mixed up flowers and cucumber scent, I guess.

SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream is an eye cream contains arbutin and the extracts of Omega 3-rich salmon roe produced in Hokkaido, Japan, that helps brighten skin around the eyes and relieves dark circles.

So easy to apply SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream. After using toner, apply an appropriate amount around your eyes and tap the area lightly to help the skin absorb it. First, it feels a little bit oily, but after a while it absorbs into the skin. After couple weeks use this SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream, it moisturizes and brightens the eye area. Though, its not vanished completely. You know how skincare works for you. You cannot achieve the result on short terms only.

I recommend SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream for you who has same problem with me. But don’t expect it will decrease your wrinkle. Because SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream doesn’t promise that thing on the beginning. I’m happy to use this product so far! Plus, the size is quite enough for you to spend for ages!

When I bought this SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream I've got bonus Tomato toner and serum from BA \o/


·      Easy to carry on, suitable for you who love traveling.
·      Plastic jar in 30gr. Totally worth to buy with the size
·      Smells good
·      Moisturize around your eyes and helps to rid dark circle
·      Quite affordable, DIR 375.000 may vary

·       Because the packaging is a jar, it might get unhygienic because we have to dip our fingers every time.
·       There is no applicator to take the cream.

Any of you ever tried SKIN FOOD Salmon Brightening Eye Cream before? How’s the result on you? Let’s share and discuss on comment box, beauty enthusiast! ^ 3 ^

See you on my next post. I still keep review on my skincare Haul where you can read here ^ ^

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  1. Banyak yg bilang krim ini bagus utk mata. Jadi pengen nyobain, I have a huge problem with racoon eyes >_<

    1. Katanya sih begitu mbaakk... tapi aku lagi pake nih. Berusaha rajin. Namanya skincare ya hasilnya nggak instan yak >.<
      Makasih loh udah mampir ^ ^ salam kenal

  2. Duhee, saya kemana aja ya, sampe2 baru tau kalau skinfood ada buat mata panda juga. Udah pake produk macem2 selama ini sih masih. Nah, penasaran nih jadinya...

    1. Nah aku baru pake ini nih pertama kalinya. Karena sebelumnya juga nggak punya masalah mata panda T_T
      Trs skg ada wrinklenya pulaaaa....
      Makasih udah mampir ya mbak Ipeh ^ ^ salam kenal

  3. Aku suka bukunya *loh ahahahhahahaah...
    Beneran bagusss apa baguss bangett,, dirimu tau kan eyebagku macam apa hahahhaahah...
    Tar chitchat ya makkkkk..


    1. aku juga sukaaa *sama-sama salah fokus* >.<
      Naaaahh eye bag-mu aku give up deh Van. Bagus sih. Belom bagus banget. Kan resultnya nggak langsung cepet. Tapi mulai berasa enakan. #Halah

  4. kalo eye cream emang lama proses nya el, soalnya masalah mata gak instan.
    Minimal masalah apapun di mata eye cream emang penting, walopon gak serta merta ngurangi eye circle atau eye bag minimal "menghindari".

    Gw pakai SKINLAB Vit K 30 ml, lama juga mau 1 tahun habis kali, lumayan deh mencegah, kalo mau lebih better, pakai mentimun dingin yang dari kulkas, parut, buang air nya lalu pakai dimata minimal 15 menit, ketara beda nya el :D

    Check Ma Blog too :D MY Dellilah Blog

    1. Nah gue berharap ngilangin wrinkle sih. Si SKINLAB Vit K 30ml itu bisa ngilangin wrinkle nggak? Gue berasa tua deh udah ada wrinkle di mata T_____T
      ini gue lagi berusaha rajin. Absorbednya cepet ya. Gue nyoba ditotol-totol sehabis diolesin. Eh dia nyerep langsung. Sbegitu dehidrasinya kah lingkaran mata gue >.<
      Makasih udah mampir ya Rif.. gue jd curhat :))))


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