Estée Lauder Beauty Blogger Gathering

by - September 17, 2015

Hi, beauty enthusiast!

I want to share with you that recently I attended an event held by Estee Lauder. Thank to Auzola for allowing me to be part of it. \ ( ^ ^ ) /

The event devided into 2 session and different day, September 11th and 18th, 2015. The first event was held at Pondok Indah Mall 1, Metro. Estee Lauder presented demo make up with Bobby Wang, a global make up artist of Estee Lauder. On this opportunity, Bobby Wang showed to us how apply smokey eyes without false lashes. Well, a big challenge! Because today, we will have that challenge!

Our friend, VIndy, volunteered herself to become a model. So, first lesson that we got is clean your face with cleanser. Then we applying your skin care before put make up on. We need to cover our skin from cosmetic. Don’t let cosmetic touches your skin first. It will easy to damage your skin.

Then we started to apply the basic, Bobby Wang preferred to BB cream. Because the texture of Estee Lauder BB cream is soft and even you use only little amount, its already covered your face also neck.

Next step, he started apply primer and eye shadow, blush on, eye liner, and make up whole thing. Bobby Wang taught us how to emphasize our eyelash with falsie. We can coating eye lash more than once to get dramatic look.

To be honest, I like with the texture of cleanser. It’s pretty soft and if I may call it, its like foam. Surprisingly, it turns to foam if we rub it gently. But it doesn’t give you effect like if we use some soap. And a good thing, it dries off very quick.

Last, we all got goodies. Its Estée Lauder Invisible Fluid make up. The package said it was manufactured on 2012. Which means the expired date will be 4 years after we open the product. Too bad that we got almost expired sample.

It was good meeting new friends and other beauty enthusiast. So, here is all my new friends for today! \o/

Thank to Kania for letting us borrow your picture. Xoxo

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