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by - August 25, 2015

‘The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin’

Hello… Hello… I wish I were not too late to post this ^ ^

Anyway, couple weeks ago I was so crazy and bought some of high-end beauty skincare. Yes, I spent my money wisely! HAHAHAHA….


So, I’ve been hunting for perfect product of an eye cream with affordable and reasonable price. To be honest, I really love eye balm from L’Occitane. But you know how much does it cost me. Then I’m looking for other option. Started from that, I thought why I’m not buying other things that I really want since couple months ago? And some body mist that I ran out of stock? Although, this one is small haul. It consists of luxury, high end goodies that made my wallet want to run away screaming when it saw me pick them up.


SKINFOOD Salmon Brightening Eyecream
I’m dying to have an eye cream because my panda eyes getting worse. I was get an advice from my bestie, Melissa, (as always!) to try this one. I bought at Senayan City. First impression when I saw the sample pot on store. OH MY! So disgusting. Pretty please to SKINFOOD Indonesia to change your sample frequently. The color was changed into I-don’t-know-it-should-be. Because the real color of this cream is white and smells good! But the sample made me jaw drop. Really ugly and smells like expired salmon. Don’t ask! Because it will makes you thinking back to buy it. And end up with ‘No, I don’t want to’. Because that’s happened to me. Thank to Melissa because she has that one (of course with a good condition!), and showed me and let me tried on. When I bought SKINFOOD Salmon Brightening Eyecream, they kindly gave me sample of serum and toner from Tomato series. \ ( ^ ^ ) /


Do you remember that I reviewed sunspray before? Well, you should check on it here! I’m crazy about sunspray. And my bestie, Melissa, had a chance to go to Korea on early month. I’m asked her to help me to buy that sunspray. But unfortunately she couldn’t find what I want. So, she advised me other brand which now becoming my favorite. Smells good and texture so mild. Gonna review NATURE REPUBLIC SUNSPRAY soon!



This is the best mask product that I’ve ever tried! Before I buy on this real size, I had bought on sample size which more affordable if you buy on official web distributor of GLAMGLOW. You can buy the sample size only IDR 125.000 and get the 5 series GLAMGLOW samples, eye bright included. But if you want buy the big jar, better find online shop where sell original GLAMGLOW. They would give you best bargain price.
I should say this was happened accidentally bought this. When I went to Plaza Senayan on that day, then thinking: why not to buy this marvelous product? I know the price is too pricey. But hey, I should spend my salary, right? HAHAHAHA…. And evil voice on me calling to buy Super Mud for the next month may be? Oh boy!


LANEIGE White Plus Renew Skin Refiner

This product becoming popular. LANEIGE White Plus Renew Skin Refiner
Or you can call it toner. I bought this one not in one-day shop like others stuff. But also in this month too. I love the fragrance and texture. It’s quite pricey but better than GLAMGLOW price. And if we compare the price in Korea, it’s almost same. After using LANEIGE White Plus Renew Skin Refiner for couple of days, my skin has improvement. Not only moist but also feel fresh. I totally recommend this product for you, peeps!


The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist

This is about my third or fourth repurchases this body mist. Its simple! I use this one for daily routine and quite cheap. Its not a big deal if I want to use it as much as I want. The fragrance totally nailed it for me. I have review this body mist on here, please kindly check on it ^ ^


SKIN & LAB Vitamin C Plus Brightening

Since my beauty blogger fella, Rifka Giovani, has recommended me to try this Skin & Lab Vitamin C Plus Brightening. This is serum for preventing the impact of oxidative stress on the skin as well as addressing your skin issue. The mineral will help reduce the brown spots and even your skin tone.

I am really happy with my purchases and am looking forward to bringing you the lowdown on them soon!

Do you own any of these products?

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    1. Kalau Glamglow emang kelas berat banget yaa.. apapun produknya ada Glamglow langsung jd spotlight ^ ^

  2. glamglowww uwuwuwuw

    btw blognya jadi inggriss

    1. Bahahahah... mak Ecaaa.... makasih udah mampir ^ ^
      Nggak juga sih. Lagi latihan aja biar lancar casciscus inggris. :))))

  3. Glamglowww oooww ooww.. Kepengen juga tapi mikir2 lagi sama harganya hehhee...

    1. Aku juga nabuuunnnggg mbaaakk ^ ^
      Lalu spontanitas membeli. BAHAHAHAHA :)))))
      Sampe ketemu minggu ini yak. Makasih udah mampir

  4. You can buy the sample size only IDR 125.000 and get the 5 series GLAMGLOW samples, eye bright included.

    Ahahahhaha YES!!!! Ayok yok melipirrrr, samplenya aja bisa dipake sampe 4x loh hhahahahhaa...


    1. Lebih sih. Kadang gue pake totol-totol doang Vaaannn... HAHAHAHA....
      Makasih udah mampir yak xoxo


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