REVIEW: Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose

by - August 18, 2015

‘Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan’

    —Maurice Roucel

Hellooo…. Everyone! Have a fabulous August!
Today we’re veering off the usual post event, gadgets, also make up reviews, and taking a sniff at the Trésor Midnight Rose Eau De Perfume, the latest edition from Lancôme Trésor family.

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To be honest, I never ever tried Lancôme perfumes before. So, it’s my first time. I’ve read some reviews about this perfume. And most of them really like this fragrance. First glance, I love this simple sample bottle. Elegant and classic, for me. The satin rose is nice touch. Even though Lancôme has been using this signature for previous edition. The overall color scheme on bottle used stays true with theme, Midnight Rose.


As Lancôme says that Trésor Midnight Rose is the new feminine fragrance. A captivating and charming young woman breaks through the Romantic Paris at Night and makes it dazzle. I think this fragrance is dedicated for young ladies. That’s why Emma Watson had been chosen as their face of Trésor Midnight Rose. By seeing the ads, well, Emma Watson totally nailed it! She is reflected the Trésor Midnight Rose; classy, mysterious, elegant, and poise!


Now we move to the scent. I sniffed it and first thing came up on my mind; “I think this fragrance suitable for evening.” Special occasion, may be? Sweet perfumes like this one may not be my cup of tea for daily use, too strong. Besides the strong rose scent, I can still smell the mischievous raspberry and blackcurrant explosion. The final phase was burst of vanilla and sensual musk lingering on my skin. It’s the kind of perfume you spritz at strategic pulse points – your neck and wrists should be enough.

My personal preference is to have something sweet—but not that strong, fresh, and fruity just like The Body Shop Body Mist. Will I buy this fragrance, again? I don’t think so. Since I got this fragrance from Lancôme beauty bloggers gathering. I love sweet scent. But this one is exceptional.

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  1. Replies
    1. gue kurang suka sih, Mel. Masih ada kok tuh di counter Lancome ^ ^

  2. After read about Lancome tresor midnigt rose, I think it suitable for every ladies. Tapi, kalau utk org yg gak tahan dgn aroma fragrance spt saya, mungkin cocok juga kali ya?

    1. Hi Ririe... salam kenal ^ ^
      Terima kasih udah mampir-mampir
      Well, it depends on your taste. Kalau aku kurang suka wangi manis menyengat. But if you would love to kind of that fragrance, i suggest you to try on

  3. Ungu ungu menggoda gini wanginya juga menggoda ga sih hahahahaha.. Inilah enaknya product highend ya, even dlm ukuran yang kecil tapi tetep bentuknya seperti real sizenya.

    1. Bahagianya ya Van... apalagi kalo real size ya... lebih bahagia lagi :)))))


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