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REVIEW: The Body Shop Strawberry Body mist

‘A Woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting’

  —Christian Dior

Hello, September!
Today I’m going to talk about fragrance. Let’s veering off from make up reviews and sniffing scent of body mist from The Body Shop. I’ve been adore of The Body Shop body mist from quite some time now, my favorite being Strawberry body mist which I’ve repurchased when I used up the first ones. I think this time is third or fourth times(?) Why I repurchased Strawberry Body mist? Because smelled just so incredible. And it’s perfect for daily use. Even it doesn’t last long all day.


The Body Shop Body mist also exist in grapefruit, mango, vanilla, New white musk, Satsuma, Japanese Cherry Blossom, White Musk Smoky Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Madagascan vanilla flower, Indian Night Jasmine, Amazonian Wild Lily, Atlas Mountain Rose, White musk libertine, Red Musk, Shea and Moringa. The lightest way to wear fragrance. Spray these sheer fragrance mists from head to toe for a gentle burst.


The body mist comes in a 100ml clear transparent round glass bottle with a spray, and a silver cap. The bottle has a red translucent paper, which has the name of the brand, and the product printed. Well, quite heavy and in case you accidentally drop it, easy to break. But the size of bottle still good for me to take anywhere, also for travelling. Apart from this factor, it is a clean, simple, and pretty packaging with the strawberry emboldened across the bottle.


The Body Shop Strawberry Body mist has a sweet strawberry scent which so light and fresh. The loveliest part was I felt burst of sweet fruitiness of strawberry. I always know what I want to buy every time I go to shops. Everyday I spritz The Body Shop Strawberry Body mist and kind of give me a refreshing feel. Also I love this one does not have any such overpowering alcohol.


First applied of the fragrance is strong and lightens a bit after half an hour then stays about 3-4 hours or so. You can smell it after 3-4hours too if you take your nose close to the skin. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this The Body Shop Strawberry Body mist with this one as refreshing, sweet, fruity, and girly fragrance to be used in the morning. It is a great option for a person like me who is not much in to perfumes but does find the body mist handy! It’s really a good product and I certainly recommend to everyone! If you don't like the strawberry scent, you may want to try the other ones

·       Easy to carry on, suitable for you who love traveling.
·       Sweet, fruity, fresh fragrance
·       Stays on the body for a decent time period
·       The price is quite affordable for me. IDR 149K or may vary

·       Actually, because The Body Shop Body mist comes with glass bottle, it’s quite fragile if you accidentally drop it.

If you want to know more the latest product from The Body Shop, just visit their website:

Have you tried one of those fragrances?

I will review more about my skincare Haul on last post here. So, keep an eye on my blog, peeps! ^ 3 ^

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  1. Ciyeeeee.. Fotonya makin bagussss.. Pake kamera apa sikkkk.. wahahhaahhaahahaa...

    Btw ak pake yg Jasminnne.. Ah wanginya enak2 emang si TBS ini.. Oia love Etc jg enakkkkk.. wkwkkwkwkwk

    1. hahhaha... cuma ipad aja kok yang ini :))))))
      Belom coba yang Love Etc. Ntar ahhh kalo ini udah abis.... baru beli Van T_T

  2. dari dlu klo lewat storenya body shop selalu kepengen ini

    1. Ayooo dicoba dooonngg... wanginya enak banget, menurutku. Segaarrr
      Makasih ya mak udah mampir ^ 3 ^

  3. BTS enaakk-enak tapi aku selalu pilihannya yg berbau vanilla ...

    1. Nah, vanilla aku juga doyan! *anaknya doyanan* HAHAHAHAHA
      Manis-manis gitu yaa....
      Makasih udah mampir ya makkk ^ 3 ^

  4. Cobain Japanese Cherry Blossom dehhh, enaakkk ^^ sayang kurang tahan lama ya wanginya ..

    1. Iya kelemahannya kurang tahan lama doang ya, Mel!
      Ntar deh gue coba. Yang ini masih full soalnya ^ ^

  5. enak yang ini ^^ vanilla juga, mango, dll
    *pengoleksi bodymist bodisop xD

    1. Aku suka wangi Vanilla nya... tapi belom cobain mango ^ ^
      Nanti nyoba jajalin deh <3
      makasih udah sering mampir mak Echaaa ^ 3 ^

  6. aku ga gitu suka yang wangi strawberry, terlalu manis buatku, bikin pusing hiks :(

    The Journey

    1. Yaaah... sayang ya. Selera sih ya... tapi yang wewangian lainnya cocok-cocok aja kan ya?
      Makasih sudah main-main, Winda

  7. Aromanya yummy banget.. tp blom cb yg ini, baru coba body lotionnya aja. Hehhe

    Thanks reviewnya ^O^

    1. Kalo body lotion aku juga suka ^ ^
      Preferable moringga sama strawberry.
      Makasih ya udah sering mampir, Ellen ^ 3 ^


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