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Beauty Professional Indonesia

Hellooo… Happy Ied Mubarak for all my Muslim readers. I was happy because had quality time with my family. We talked a lot about job, lives, and everything. I hope you had a great time with family too.

Do you prefer traditional treatment like massage or technology treats? Have you ever done plastic surgery before? For me, it depends what you need. I’m not narrow minded about plastic surgery. But doesn’t mean I have to do that. So far, I don’t need anything to enhance. Yes, plastic surgery is to enhance your beauty.

Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015

So, about early July. I’ve got invitation from Gaya Spa to talk about ethno-wellness and plastic surgery.  Gaya Spa is as leading Spa house where support ethnically diverse communities. Among the various unique traditional beauty and Spa treatment from across the archipelago. Indonesia has 562 trade. Gaya Spa presents 9 ethno-wellness from that. The famous 6 ethnic treatments are Tangas from Jakarta (Betawi Ethnic group), Batangeh from West Sumatera (the Mingakabaus), and Oukup from North Sumatera (The Bataks). And also popular Javanese  Lulur, the Balinese Boreh, S’oso from Madura island, Banjar’s Batimung from South Kalimantan, the Minahasa Bakera from North Sulawesi, and Bedda Lottong from South Sulawesi’s Bugis ethnic tradition.

Mrs. Lourda, as the owner of Gaya Spa, explained about Tangas from Jakarta (Betawi Ethnic group), especially Pulen Legit. Pulen Legit is genital treatment only for women. This treatment was inspired by old tradition from Betawi. Long time ago, Betawi is mixed cultural from China and Arab. They believe this treatment will help you to get actual healthy of your vagina. Pulen Legit treatment is focusing on vagina massage. It will stimulate your vagina and tight after pregnancy or sexual intercourse.

The aesthetic, beauty and hair industry in Indonesia and Asia has enormous growth opportunities. From Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015, Mrs. Lourda wants to introduce ethno-wellness from Indonesia to the world. Indonesia’s beauty industry is recognized as the 3rd largest in Asia, making their stronghold of beauty brands with manufacturing outlets locally to match the high demand from the domestic market as well as for the investments needed to feed this.

 Beauty Professional Indonesia is organized with the intention of creating a fresh trade platform to complement the ever-growing industry where Beauty Professional Indonesia owners can source for the right partners and the latest trends. A strictly business-to-business trade event, Beauty Professional Indonesia is dedicated to the aesthetic, beauty and hair industry’s product distributors, pharmaceutical companies, research and development institutions, ingredient and product-packaging suppliers, salon and retail shop owners, aesthetics and alternative medical practitioners, as well as beauty professionals.

A truly revolutionary beauty trade exhibition, Beauty Professional Indonesia will help revitalize, boost, and improve the quality of your beauty business. With so much potential to explore and benefit from, Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015 is perfectly poised to bring complementary beauty and hair businesses from across the market channels together in order to explore business relationships and tap into increasing market demand.

Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015 to be held from 30th July to 1 August 2015 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). The event will involve over 130 exhibiting companies and 250 top brands from 15 countries.

Following the tremendous success of the Beauty Professional Malaysia, Beauty Professional Indonesia 2015 will be the first aesthetics, beauty, and hair exhibition in this country designed to meet the demand of the flourishing beauty Industry here by providing beauty professionals with a platform to meet the right partners and view the latest trends.

Lets join the crowd, ladies! Many things you can see and learn!

For more info you can log on to their website:


Would you want to go to Beauty Professional Indonesia? As beauty enthusiast, I really do want to go there! So, see ya there! ^ ^

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  1. Ada kata - kata : "intercourse" hahhahaha, emang pembahasan yg vulgar yaaa.. Tp emang disitu seninya dlm sejarah Etnowelnes hihihihii... See yaaaa di BPI yaa El.. hahahhahaha..

    1. hahahaha... kalau bahasa inggris masih enakanlah ya. Kalau Indonesia yg agak pusing pala barbie.... Eh, mau dateng hari apa?

  2. Really interesting, and wanted to try some treatments

    1. Halooo Titi... salam kenallll... Terima kasih sudah mampir yaaaa...
      Kalau semisal dirimu sudah berumah tangga, mgkn bisa coba Tangas Betawi. Sensasinya semeriwing ^ ^


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