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REVIEW: Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extensions

Hello, beauties! How’s your week going? I hope many happy things come to you ^ ^
I’m so excited to write about this. I would like to share about my very first time experience using eyelash extensions from Tokyo Belle Indonesia. I probably thank to ci Tia from Kawaii Beauty Japan who allows me to get this chance. I can honestly say that they are so worth it.

So, let’s start this post. Because I can’t even wait to write down all.
Its all begun from I have a chance to get eyelash extensions at Tokyo Belle from Kawaii Beauty Japan about couple weeks ago. Telling the truth, I worried about that. I heard my friend experiences after used eyelash extensions. She was satisfied with that. But by the time, her real eyelash flake off with the fake one. Scared, huh? She said that she has bald eyelash for a while. OMG! I don’t want that happen to me.  O_o

Fact, she had done that on regular salon. I mean, not that specific salon where eyelash specialist.

Then I consultation to my friends. Asked their opinion too. Also asked my lovely beauty blogger friend, Vani. Should I get it or not (?) Well, last, I decided to get it! Because Tokyo Belle is professional salon for lash extensions. With that price, they wont give you bad service, right?

On April 17th 2015, I went to one of Tokyo Belle store where close to me, Pacific Place. The salon is tiny and small. I bet it’s quite different with other store that they have, bigger than this one. But totally I love the interior. Cute! ^ ^

Before that, the esthetician told me by phone when I did reservation that I need to avoid eye make up before doing eyelash extensions and make sure my eyes clean from anything.

The people were so nice to me. And the esthetician really capable explained all the things. And she always replied every single question that I had for her. Informative, check!

Before I started treatment, the esthetician told me to fill a form about my eyes healthy condition and what kind of eyelash extensions that I want to get. Also, they asked if I have allergic or sensitive with eyelash extensions before (If I had). Because they would suggest me not to do lash extensions if the answer for both questions are YES. See? They are so professional.

They have 2 types of lash extensions; A type and B type

A type:
Natural, Natural DX, Cute, Sexy

B type:
(Each lash glued by 2 lashes extensions, giving more lengthens and thicker)

And kind of lashes type: C-curl is flick, curly and J-Curl is normal lashes, with width 0.10-0.15; length 8-14mm. 

And this is my eyelash look like. It’s already long and thick. But not have flick and drama. I should work on it with curling lashes and million coats of mascara. I asked them If they have eyelash extensions for my under lash. Unfortunately, they don’t have. Because I think the most needed lash extensions is under eyelash.

I was quite confused which one I had to pick. Because all look great. And I asked the esthetician if she willing give me an advice. I need a bit drama, fuller, but still, as natural as can be.

She said because I already have long and thick eyelash. It would be better if I take natural DX. It because natural DX 12mm gives you extra length on outside the eyes and lesser on the corner. With no doubt, I said YES!

Then the esthetician prepares all stuff. And she told me just lying on the bed and make sure that I can’t open my eyes along process. Because the oxide glue will be hurt my eyes. The process will be taking 1-1.5 hours. And I should close my eyes! Believe me, It’s like a hell. I can’t play with cellphone, or anything.

Jeng… jeng! Let’s get my eyelash extensions done, baby!

First, the esthetician cleaned out my eyelashes with special toner and let it dry with mini fan. And she gave my eyelashes a serum to make the root strength. Next, she taped down my bottom lashes so that the glue wouldn't stick to them and at the end of the process when she pulled off that tape. After that, she started to glue eyelash extension with natural eyelash 2mm from the root. This technique proved to be the safest and the best method. Tokyo Belle also only use hypoallergenic product from Japan.

During the process, it wasn’t feeling painful and I was overslept about 3 times. Yeah, 3 times! Because nothing I can do besides that. While she did her job, we talked about anything and I was run out topic to talked about. LOL!

I was surprised because Tokyo Belle esthetician did well. They attach each lash individually to one of my own lashes. Can you imagine that? CAN YOU??? >o<

After super long 90 minutes doing nothing besides closed my eyes. The esthetician told me that I would able to open it now! Yippie! Believe me, 1.5 hours felt just like 2-3 hours at that time. But It’s so worthy! Not even heavy!

This is my new eye without eye make up! What do you think, beauties?

The esthetician told me that I need to avoid some following list to get perfect eyelash extensions:

·      Don’t get your extensions wet in 24 hours after application.
·      Don’t wash your face with splash water in 24 hours. I should cleanse my face with cleanser with water base.
·      Avoid hot tub or sauna in 24 hours.
·      avoiding direct splashing of water by my eyes.
·      Don’t use water proof mascara (I don’t have any of it) So, preferable not use any mascaras. And, I don’t need anymore, right?
·      It’s impossible to rub your eyes (It’s quite hard for me if you are an eye rubber!)
·      Must use any oil-free make up remover.
·      Not to curling your lashes and coloring after applied eyelash extensions.
·      Never ever trying to pick, tug, twist or excessively touch or brush your extensions, it could damage your natural lashes. If at any time you don't wish to continue, always have them professionally removed.
·      Don’t forget to refill after 3 or 4 weeks after application to make your eyes perfect!

                           And this is my eye with eye make up. Ok, I think too much selfie. LOL!


·      Time saver! I don’t have waste my time to curling my eyelash, putting falsie, and million coat of mascara.
·      Adds more drama, lengthens, fuller, thicker, and curly.
·      Looks natural.
·      Now you don’t need mascara anymore
·      Tokyo Belle has licensed professional esthetician
·      Last 3 – 4 weeks and are easy to maintain
·      Not heavy
·      It will slowly fall out by itself. So you don’t have to worry that your eyelashes will flake off.


·      The lash extensions are not cheap and it's certainly not something you want to cheap out on, as you need a very experienced and licensed professional to apply them as it's a very tedious process, but to me the cost is definitely worth the results.
·      You cannot use makeup remover with oil in it, or it will remove the lash extensions.
·      You cannot rub your eyes.
·      No matter how gentle you are, they will slowly (and discreetly) fall out the way your natural lashes do.
·      It’s not long lasting

I like these eyelash extensions. It’s totally worth and time saver! I absolutely love that I can wake up, put on a little powder, blush and lipstick and I'm ready to go. I've gotten so many "wow, your eyes amazing!”; “Wow, your eyelashes so long and thick!” compliments that I should probably start making a commission on how many people I've told about Tokyo Belle to get their own eyelash extensions ^O^

It’s been 4 weeks since I got eyelash extensions. And the lash extensions still intact. Wonderful! I’m happy with the service and result at Tokyo Belle. Highly recommended for you who want to get your own lash extensions. Check their website on www.tokyo-belle.com

Or check their social media account
Instagram: Tokyo Belle
Twitter: Tokyo Belle
Facebook: Tokyo Belle Indonesia

Panglima Polim
Salon Address
Jl. Panglima Polim Raya no. 86
Gedung Harvia Place lt. 3.
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone Number

Pacific Place
Salon Address
Pacific Place Mall B1 - 21 B SCBD.
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53. Jakarta Selatan
Phone Number

Salon Address
Open hour: 10.00-21.00 Lippo Mall Kemang L3-16, Kemang Village.
Jl P. Antasari Jakarta Selatan
Phone Number

I think I’m gonna coming back to Tokyo Belle to get my lash extensions retouch to get perfect wink eyes! ^ ^
So, see ya on my next post, beauties! Make sure you get your own eyelash extensions at Tokyo Belle. Pst! They have promo for this month! 

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  1. Bagus & cocok banget. Kelihatan alami tapi lentik , hemat waktu utk makeup ya :D

  2. Sejuta lebih buat 3-4 minggu.. Hmm.. Kalok dalam waktu itu aku ada rejeki en banyak acara, kemungkinan aku bakalan nyobak, Mbak :D Tapi banyak yang review bagus yak.. Jadi pengen :P

    1. Emang baguuusss... aku malah mau rapihin lagi ini. Diretouch. Lagi ada promo kok bulan ini ^ ^

  3. To much selfie?? ahahahhahah,, gakkk kokkkkk hahahhaha.. El,, ingetttt cuci muka harus hati2 pake ini hhuhuhuuuu...


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