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REVIEW: PAC Powder Eye Shadow

PAC Powder Eye Shadow

Hi… I’m back again to share my review of PAC cosmetics serial. My previous post about PAC Liquid Eye liner Color. So now, I would like to share my review of PAC Powder Eye Shadow
Sadly, I don’t know what color is because they didn’t put any explanation.

PAC Powder Eye Shadow
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Ok… let’s take a look the packaging. The eye shadow comes in simple pot packaging which is easy and convenient to use. The texture is soft and shimmery. PAC Powder Eye Shadow has 8 shades.

I applied primer first before applying the eye shadow to get best result.  It transforms to a powder finish once you apply on eye lid. The color is quite good with shimmery effect. The powder finish makes it easy to tailor the pigmentation. I blend it with MAC Carbon matte eye shadow. I put a lot of effort to applying eyeliner onto my eyes. I combined with PAC Liquid Eye liner Color-terra brown to built define line. What do you think, girls? ^O^

PAC Powder Eye Shadow

Here is when I applied without primer on my hand.

PAC Powder Eye Shadow

I’ve tried to rub it and good news! It doesn’t remove. You should be happy with this eye shadow.

PAC Powder Eye Shadow

And another one when I poured water on it. It sticks on my skin.

PAC Powder Eye Shadow

·         Water resistant
·         The color is pigmented. You can apply with/out eye primer
·         The packaging is pretty simple
·         No animal tested
·         Dermatologically tested
·         PAC Powder Eye Shadow comes in 6 shades
·         It contains bisabolol to soothskin redness caused mild irritation

·         It’s quite hard to pouring the powder because they only provides 3 holes on container. May be to reduce accidently fall out
·         Quite hard to blend it
·         Quite hard to applying eyeliner onto that

The price is quite cheap, I think. It’s only IDR 88.000 or USD 6.9 may vary. PAC Powder Eye Shadow fits you for party-goes because the shimmery and glittery effect. Will I buy another shades? May be! ^ ^

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  1. Loh itu yang nomer berapa ya dipackagingku ada nomernya
    Yang ini lebih keputih ya...bisa buat shimmer dikit

    1. iyaa... ada nomernya. Cuma menurutku nggak menolong org awam kalau membeli.
      Lebih keputih silver gitulah, mbak ^ ^

  2. thanks for the review...looks like a great product with more pros than cons :)..cheers..

    1. Yap... trying to fair on both side
      Thank you for stoping by mbak Indah ^ ^


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