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REVIEW: PAC Liquid Eye liner Color

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I spent my weekend with tired body because pre-Chinese New Year preparation. Especially we don’t have any maid this time. I’m super exhausted. And after that, me and Mom had to cleaned out the house post CNY. But I’m happy! Because I’m still got angpao ^ O ^

PAC Liquid Eye liner Color
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Today I’m gonna review liquid eye liner from PAC. I got this eye liner when I joined PAC workshop on #BBMeetUp and #BBMeetupXpac.

To be honest, I never used PAC product before. So, let’s give it a try. Use Indonesia product is one of your action to support local product, right?

PAC - international high quality premium cosmetic brand which fits perfectly with Asian skin, with limitless various choices which gives professional make-up creations more room for imagination. PAC has bold and expressive complete colors which are suitable for edgy, fashionable and adventurous personality.

Initially created by Martha Tilaar to fulfill the needs of high quality stage artistic look, PAC has now grown as one of makeup artists and celebrities choices, and it is supported by strong professional community.
PAC Liquid Eye liner Color
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PAC Liquid Eye linerColor completed by soft tip applicator which helps us to create define line. PAC Liquid Eye liner has 7 variants color;  Flashy Purple, Bazaar Gold, Miracle Green, Plastic Pink, Terra Brown, Baby Blue and Silver Diva. It said that water-proof and long lasting. If you want get dramatic look, you could get from combining more than 1 variant once. It’s perfect for you who want to have experiment with colorful tone.

PAC Liquid Eye liner Color

The color of PAC Liquid Eye liner Color which I got is Terra brown. Personally, first I saw, it looks like marsala. And I never ever used any color besides black and brown. It’s quite creamy. And the most important is glittery. Which I don’t like it.

PAC Liquid Eye liner Color

The packaging is so simple. With plastic bodied tube. You can’t expect more.

Next, let’s try this one!

Then I applied Terra brown PAC Liquid Eye liner onto my eyes. Here’s the look like. The color looks shimmery and glittery as they meant to. Quite nice. But it takes 1-2 minutes to get it completely dry before opening your eyes again.  It can give this a miss because it will transfer onto the skin above the lids.

PAC Liquid Eye liner Color

What do you think?

The color is quite impressive. Give me dramatic look, bold and intense colors that’s alluring on and off the stage. I can say I’m quite satisfied with the result because it’s not too overwhelmed.

PAC Liquid Eye liner Color

After that, I tested PAC Liquid Eye liner on my hand. I would like to know the effectiveness of their waterproof.

PAC Liquid Eye liner is waterproof as they said so. But once again, make sure you take couple minutes to set them on your eyes. Or, It could be like this one. I’ve tested without waiting no longer and TADAA!! It rid off.

PAC Liquid Eye liner Color

And sadly, PAC Liquid Eye liner is easy to remove when I rub it. The positive thing, it doesn’t smudge. It’s just flake off. Leaving subtle stain of color.

PAC Liquid Eye liner Color

·         Easy to apply
·         Dramatic look
·         Colorful variants
·         Thick, Bold and intense colors
·         Waterproof
·         Doesn’t smudge
·         Felt tip applicator

·         Quite expensive, It costs you IDR 198.000 or USD 17 may vary
·         Easy to remove only by hand
·         Takes time to dry it off

Overall, It’s good to use for party because the shimmery and glittery effect. But also can be used for daily make up to gives more drama on your eyes with simple eye make up. PAC Liquid Eye liner gives you colorful variants which you need to try. I would definitely try more colors. So, see ya on my next post, beauties! xoxo

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    1. Yes, I think it's quite good. Thank you for stoping by Natasha! Love your make up look ^ ^

  2. Replies
    1. iya, mbak. eyelinernya blink-blink... tapi pas dipake nggak ngeblink bener kok
      Makasih ya sudah mampir ^ ^

  3. bagus nehhh . cocok di matamu . Bling2 , glitter bagus buat ke pesta juga ya.

    1. iya... tapi masih tetep konservatif aku. Suka eyeliner item/cokelat matte ^O^


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