Monday, February 9, 2015

BB Meet-Up

Welcome February! Month of Love! Month of Chinese Lunar New Year! And month of rainy! Yippee!

I am super EXCITED!

Beauty Blogger Meet Up

No… no… not Valentine’s Day. Because I’m not into valentine’s girl. Really. May be some of you will laugh at me. But for sure, for me, Valentine’s Day is every day! I don’t have to show how much I love with someone only on Valentine’s Day, right? I can do it every day, every time, all I want.
So, recently I just got news from my beloved friend, mbak Novi. She shared with me of upcoming BIG event for Beauty Blogger!!! It’s called BEAUTY BLOGGER MEET UP! AND IT IS FREE ENTRANCE! WOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!

Based on searching, I found out it is the second time for BB-Meet Up. But it’ll be my first.
There will be make up tenants with super amusing special price, goodie bags, games, and many more! It will be held on Senayan City main atrium for workshop and talk show on 4 days. For bazaar, just straight up to 6th floor on 604 unit. It’s gonna be HUGE! Because a lot of brands join. They have Kay Collection, The Balm, Bio Oil, The Bath Box, Bioderma Indonesia, Beauty Barn Indonesia, and more.

I can’t wait to see the Masami Shouko brushes collection from Kay Collection and special price from Bioderma. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR???? WE WANT IT!!!!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar, February 12th -15th, 2015

Beauty Blogger Meet Up

And for tenants who would like to join. Just see the poster below. You would be excited becoming of our part!

Beauty Blogger Meet Up

Let’s dress up, make up, meet up, and ROLL the event! xoxo


  1. Oh this sounds a cool meet-up! =D

    NEW POST on


    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for stoping by!
      Yes, this event is so cool! All beauty bloggers in Jakarta meet-up


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