[REVIEW] Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray

by - January 29, 2015

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray

I know the weather in Jakarta has been changed a lot. I mean, sometimes rainy and sometimes hot. The humidity can’t be predicted. And couple months ago, I have to thank to my skincare doctor, My doctor introduced me with Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray. Because she knows I’m typically lazy girl who apply suns cream onto my face. I have occasionally beauty treatment at ZAP. I know some of you familiar with ZAP, especially beauty bloggers.

When I tried photo facial at ZAP. I was so surprised because it didn’t hurt. It took me about 45 minutes. And last, the doctor put sun spray on my face. I was wandering what was that. Because I didn’t notice the bottle. She said it was good sun spray to protect my face from UV light. Even if I don’t want to put some make up on. I should apply suns cream whatsoever.

After tested of the sun spray, I was curious. Why Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray doesn’t feel like any sunblock or suns scream? The texture is super soft and light! And it fades away just like you don’t use any of it. The point is, I love how Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray smells and my face just look like don’t use any creams. Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray is not smell just like I used to know. You know, sometimes sunblock/sun scream smells like chemical.

So, let me share with you my hand experience of using this product.

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray

The packaging comes up with aerosol bottle. It’s easy to carry on, you might want to consider it for whom traveling. But Make sure you put it in your check-in luggage to avoid hassle. Because Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray uses high-pressure gas.

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray was made in Korea. The capacity is 150ml. I’m sure you will like Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray cause it saves your time. Just spray and go!

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray

The smell so fresh. Just like a flower. I love how it sprayed onto my skin. It goes on very matte and my skin felt so soft. The must thing to say, Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray IS NOT OILY! You don’t have to worry when you apply on your face, because it is initially made to be applied on the face, you can be sure it is mild. It didn’t any rushes at all. You can also use for all over your body and it will have same coverage of UV light.

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray

You could see on the picture from below. There is no different after sprayed Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray onto your skin. It’s just look like your skin a bit shiny, moisturized. I didn't swipe it. You could see on little white dot close to my thumb. That's the only one you could see. Other than that, it goes away. 

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray has SPF 50+ PA++. It’s long lasting and can be used for all skin types.

Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray easy to apply. Please spray it at a distance 20cm away from the body after shake it well. DO NOT spray around the eyes. Spray to apply evenly to the areas as face, arms, and legs that are easily exposed to ultraviolet light. Do not spray directly on the face closely, take proper amount on the hand and then apply. It is recommended to apply frequently during outdoor activities.

Unfortunately, the price is quite expensive. It costs IDR 200.000/bottle or USD 15.9 may vary. The thing that I hate the most is that it will run out so fast.


·         Easy to carry on, suitable for you who love traveling. Especially go to the beach
·         Save your time! Can you imagine how easily just spray and you completely ready to go?
·         The smell doesn’t same like usual suns cream/sunblock.
·         The texture is so mild. You’re not even noticed that you already applied suns spray on your skin
·         Easy to use
·         Perfect for ally skin types


·         The price is expensive for me. It’s IDR 200K or USD 25.9 may vary
·         Runs out so fast

I recommend you this sun spray if you want to enjoy being under the sun but conscious of your skin tone not to get dark and of course get good protection. Will I buy Labocare Derma Base Sun Spray? Yes I do. But I will find another place where sell it cheaper. See you on my next post ^ ^

PS:This post was made by my own opinion. If I like the product and satisfied with result/treatment. I'll be happy to write down all on my blog.

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  1. Wahhh bagus neh , praktis banget .. Buat travelling jg bagus.. Tp cuma dijual di zap ya ?

    1. yang gue tau baru dijual di zap. Entahlah tempat lain. ^ ^

  2. Fantastic review. Sure would love to try.
    Great Blog. Would you like to follow each other via GFC/Bloglovin/G+.

  3. Wah, kayanya perlu, nih. Kalau tinggal semprot pasti jadi gak malas pakai, hihihi :)

    1. Iya, Indi. Gampang banget aplikasi ke kulit buat orang males macam aku :))))


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