Maybelline Color Show 'Sweet Sunshine' polish review

by - January 11, 2015

Welcoming January with Sweet sunshine by Maybelline Color Show series.

Maybelline Color Show Sweet sunshine, nail polish

Do you love colorful things? Me? I do. I have some colorful dresses, skirts, and shirts, even color-block. But for nail polish, it’s kinda my first time. Maybelline Color show shows their colorful colors. I saw from the ads, Maybelline Color show has quite much variety of bright colors with the best pocket-friendly nail polishes available in the market. So, couple weeks ago, I give it try to Maybelline Color Show Sweet sunshine. Because I never ever used light color before. Then I thought, why not?

Maybelline Color show nail polishes have slim and quite small bottles with long cap. Each shades have own names which makes it even more special and tempting.

The shade Sweet sunshine 405 is just spring-like bright. You can wear it when pouring rain, gloomy day (just like now!) to brighten your mood. And don’t forget to mix and match your wardrobe. It works for me.

Maybelline Color Show Sweet sunshine, nail polish

The formula is of a nice consistency, but it is quite sheer. The texture is not as thick as Korean nail polishes, they are not runny either. After applying 1 coat, my nails barely covered and it looks like I applied top-coat. But the polish dries quite fast though, 1-2 minutes approximately. Then I applied for 2nd coats and it looked better than the first to get the full color. It was covered all my nails perfectly.

Maybelline Color Show Sweet sunshine, nail polish

Personally, I love the result on my nails. Especially for who has brown skin like me. It was really fresh look to the hands! The polish will stay on about within 7 days. It depends what do you do. If you kind of a person who love to clean up the house, I can say it will stay less than 7 days.

·         Colorful colors series
·         Affordable price, IDR 31.000 or USD 2.58 may vary
·         The polish dries quite fast
·         Stay power within 7 days
·         Small bottle so easy to carry on

·         You need to apply more than 1 coat
·         Quite thick

The Maybelline Color Show series is fit for college girls! What are you waiting for, girls? Let’s cheer up your day! See ya on my next post. ^O^

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  1. This is such a fun shade! I'm so ready for spring :) the formula looks to be very creamy. Nice review!

    Keisha xo

    1. Hi Keisha...

      thank you for stopping by!
      Yes, I love the color. I thought it wouldn't match with my skintone. Fortunately it looks good!


  2. Wuihh.. Pingin coba jadinya , utk melengkapi koleksi2 kutek di ruma. Hahaha . Kliatan bagus za. Coba warna lain jg dong . Hihi

    1. Lo ada kutek warna terang, Mel? Pernah pakai warna hijau tapi kurang cocok dikulit gue.

    2. warna terang banyak , tapi warna kuning ga punya , mau coba kutek maybelline yg ini.

  3. Wiw kuningnya nyala banget! Jadi pengen :3

    1. Hi Vina... salam kenal!

      Makasih sudah mampir. ^ ^

      Iya, warnanya bagus. Sayangnya kayaknya barangnya lagi susah deh....

    2. Ah VIna itu cici ku.. Aku Vaniii :(

    3. Eh mangaaaappp :))))
      Maap typonya Vannniiiii... I love your blog! Gaya nulismu lucu ^ ^

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