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A Swirl from Masami Shouko

No matter how artistic a person is, without quality tools and products even a genius like Michaelangelo would not have been able to pain the Sistine Chapel—Kevin Aucoin, make up artist and an author ‘Face Forward’

Marry Christmas everyone! I hope you had wonderful time with your family or your beloved one.

Have you ever sneak out to your parents room? I believe that since we were kid. We usually did that.

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Let me tell you my story.
When I was a kid, I looovveee sneaking out to my mom’s room. The curiosity led me to try one by one her makeup stuff. I knew it won’t be like my mom’s makeup. And of course It didn’t look precisely like on beauty magazine. Well, I can call it was damaged makeup. LOL. But you know, we—girls, always copying mom’s makeup, right? Because she is our role on that time.

Then I grown up as teenager, tried to put some makeup on my face, lightly. Followed from beauty magazine on their make up tutorial session. I borrowed her things, again. To complete my experiment. The result not too shabby but still, didn’t same like magazine girls thingy.

Until my first job as daily worker, I borrowed almost all of her makeup tools. And the most stuff I admired is her makeup brush! For me, it was like magic brush. It can blend my makeup perfectly. Every girl in the world has dreamed about their very own makeup brush! YES I AM! So, since that time, I keep telling my self, I will have my very own brush.

 Entering an adult life, getting a job. Working… working… and working. It doesn’t sound that good. But quite interesting. Have you ever watched Confession of Shopaholic? Or, Sex and The City? Oh… The Proposal? Yes, I mean, in the movie, they picturing business women with their attire and perfect makeup. So it does in real life. Well, depend on what job you’ve taken. But as long as your job brings to you meet a lot of people or represent of your company. You should dressed up properly. And it takes a lot of effort to do that and… money!

To be honest, I have to manage my financial. So, I can buy some decent clothes and makeup. Talks about makeup, I bought one by one for everything. Each month I always do buy 1 new cloth or 1 makeup stuff. No more.

brush, masami shouko, bristles, kabuki

Then about last month, I finally bought decent and worth of my very own brush! Yes, I did. My brand new Masami Shouko. I believe Masami Shouko is familiar brushes brand for you.

Actually I already bought about years ago, I forgot when that happened precisely, 1 mini set brush from VOV Korean makeup. But unfortunately it’s no longer exist. The bristles too hard and easily felt off. So, forget about it.

brush, masami shouko, bristles, kabuki

First I saw Masami Shouko on Guardian (drug store), I was fell in love with the handle, firm and big. Then I go to the bristle. OMG! OMG! It’s sooo soft. Just like fur cat. I bought 1 brush. Masami Shouko No. 19 for foundation applicant, with cost IDR 148.900. It was made from synthetic-bristles. Synthetics are man-made bristles that are ideal for soft layering because the bristles do not trap and absorb pigments. They are more suited to use with liquid, cream, gel, or mousse makeup.

If you are wondering why stippling brush came with two colours on the bristles, it is because the top of bristles made from synthetic. Synthetic bristles DO NOT carry or absorbing products. And the texture of bristles are so sleek and bendy.

For me, as beginner in this whole new make up world, Masami Shouko quite expensive tho. I don’t know for other people. But if we compare with MAC brushes, well, you know which one more expensive, right? ;)

Started that time, I was becoming one of fans Masami Shouko brushes. Their brushes are a set of luxury makeup brushes, specially handcrafted and manufactured only from the best and finest hair. It offers high standards, delivering perfect makeup result. I will collecting Masami Shouko’s brushes one by one. I can afford by 1 set. And the price is cheaper than you buy one piece. But, I don’t think I need all of them. In fact, I’m not makeup artist.

brush, masami shouko, bristles, kabuki

And last weekend, I went to Senayan City and looked around at Debenhams. Made a quick stopped on Kay Collection. Stood up while I admiring all of the brushes from Masami Shouko. I remember that I didn’t buy any makeup stuff for this month. So, I decided to buy another brush serial. Powder brush, kabuki bristles. If I may say, Masami Shouko brushes never ever made me down!

brush, masami shouko, bristles, kabuki

brush, masami shouko, bristles, kabuki

You may be wondering what kabuki is. A kabuki brush is usually small and compact. It is a collection of bristles that ark into a dome shape. Most kabuki brushes are soft and fluffy. You can get either synthetic or real fibers. And gladly to know that Masami Shouko has kabuki fiber which made from the fur of pony, the softest bristles. It will give you flawless look after swirl onto your face. The very nature of the kabuki brush takes away the severe lines that commonly appear with blush application. It blends your powder perfectly. Because of it’s density, a kabuki brush is ideal for holding fine powder, like mineral powder.

brush, masami shouko, bristles, kabuki

brush, masami shouko, bristles, kabuki

. It has a unique shape, petite size, and easy to carry on or just put on your clutch, It’s helping so much on saving space. The price of this brush is quite expensive for me. It costs me IDR 248.900. Even though I don’t like the cap of the brush. Overall, I like Masami Shouko brushes and will collecting their brushes which I need the most. Not because I like it, but also it’s high quality brushes with affordable price if we compare with other brands.

It’s nearly New Year. What’s you list for 2015? Mine? I will telling you later. So, see ya on my next post! ^_~


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    1. Hi mas Muhammad Zaini,

      salam kenal. Iya saya selang-seling kok posting in english-nya. Dalam rangka belajar. Ada kok postingan yang berbahasa Indonesia. Terima kasih sudah mampir ^ ^

  2. iyaaaa. emang bagus brush ini , g juga suka, tp harganya emg rada mahal yak. ada harga ada kualitas. hahaha g tunggu koleksi lengkap brush anda di blog ini ya ;)

    1. hahaha.... iyeee.. >.< lumayan ya ceuuu... Terus bulan ini gue khilaf beli lipstick mufe.... *curhat*

  3. Meskipun aku penulis, kehidupan aku jauh banget sama Sex and the City, hahaha. Tapi setuju sih, memang kita harus bisa kelihatan rapi supaya jadi refleksi apa pekerjaan kita ;) Selamat tahun baru! xx

    1. LOL... iya Indi. cuma mau menggambarkan aja kehidupan pekerja yg merupakan representative or dsb dsb..... Happy New Year! ^ ^


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