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by - August 27, 2014

Hi gorgeous! I hope you are well! Busy week and busy month for me. I have tight schedule of my work. That’s why I don't have so much time to do blogging. How's your month?

Too Faced Lash Injection Extreme Volume Mascara

I have 3-4 items to be reviewed. Sooo... I hope you'll coming back to my blog to read next post then.
First of all, like I've told you before that I do really love buy beauty stuff. And as we know that beauty stuff in here (read: Indonesia) is kinda expensive, especially for a good brands. Very pricey. That's why I saving one by one each month. For this month item, I preferred to buy Mascara! Why? Because I had stop using mascara for about 2 years ago, may be. Since my eye lashes gets felt off, then I stopped to use mascara.

And now, I'm thinking to use mascara, again. I do really pay attention to decide which mascara will I want. I read the review, how's the negatives for my eye-lashes, and price (of course!) is it fit my budget or not. LOL

To be honest, after hunting for mascara, I fell in love with Lancôme mascara. It has really nice brush which can grab the corner of eyes. And it has nice result. It gives your eye-lashes looks longer, more volume, and of course: DRAMA! The most favorable: it is not make your lashes clump together. But unfortunately, it's overprice! Then I searched for other option, I went to Sephora at Plaza Indonesia and found this suitable product for me!

You know, mostly mascara are heavy to wear. Which means after using it, you'll feel just like something push your eyes. And I think that's the problem why my eye lashes felt off.
I can say that I was surprised when I tried Too Faced Lash Injection Extreme Volume Mascara. The packaging is so bulky! It's just like an odd simple tube. And FYI, the brush is HUGE! It’s beyond my expectation.

But... let's give it a try to this product!

The box says extreme thickening. More volume, length & drama.

I applied once onto my eye-lashes and tried to feel the effect. Wait till it dries about 2 minutes. And surprisingly, it's light and it didn’t make my lashes stiff. Too Faced Lash Injection Extreme Volume Mascara didn’t create the well-defined fake-looking-extra-volume lashes as I expected. But it was coated without clumping them together, leaving a natural looking-volume. And other good news is the fibres didn’t stick to each other.

The texture is soft and too natural for a mascara which acclaiming ‘extreme thickening. More volume, length & drama. 

Too Faced Lash Injection Extreme Volume Mascara

If somebody asks me: ‘Can you feel the volume? Yes, add some volume!’, ‘Can you feel the length of lashes? A bit.’ And, ‘Can you feel the drama effect? BIG NO! It’s not even giving 3D effect just like the text on the box.’ L

Too Faced Lash Injection Extreme Volume Mascara is easy to remove. I try to clean with water cleansing and it works!

·         The texture is soft and natural
·         Gives volume and lengthening effect
·         Easy removal—even with warm water, soap or make up remover
·         Waterproof – oil proof
·         Giving natural look
·         Its not clumps
·         Doesn’t smudge

·         Quite expensive—in Indonesia is about IDR 290.000 or $ 25 may vary
·         It’s not giving you DRAMA effect, even 3D effects
·         Bulky packaging

But If you’re looking for something more realistic and natural, Too Faced Lash Injection Extreme Volume Mascara is the answer. You can apply 2 coated to give more volume. See you on my next post! ^ ^

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  1. Jadi tertarik dengan mascara ini , bisa memberikan efek bervolume (bulumata g cenderung tipis&pendek T.T ) tapi mudah dihapus. Sebel sama mascara yg susah dihapus walaupun uda dgn eye remover , nyisa dan bkn efek mata panda . Cuma lumayan mahal ya . Huhu .. Ayoo mbak elnie banyak review2 make up, jd tergiur buat nyoba :D :D

    1. Eh ini bisa bikin tampak panjang mel. Bagus deh. Gue senengnya mudah dibersihkan, nggak gumpel, dan enteng!

      Yaaa... ada kualitas ada harga ya. Dari pada si lancome T_T

    2. Ga harus semahal si lancome , tapi tetep berkualitas ya. Hahahah

  2. Tuttorial no make up make up pake maskara ini doong nel :D biar keliatan bedanya hehehe

    1. Hai mbak Yulia. Salam kenal!

      Terima kasih sudah mampir ^ ^

      Sayangnya kameraku blur gitu kalo close up. I've tried. Tapi ya gitu jelek. Nanti ya kalau kameraku sudah ter-upgrade. Pasti tak masukin before-after. Makasih ya inputnya ^ ^

  3. Sumpriiiit.. pengin banget bisa pakai mascara, kalau pakai mascara malah biasanya gatal gitu hihihihi

    1. Hai mbak Sari... salam kenal ya ^ ^

      Waduh, kok bisa gatel, mbak? Itu nggak cocok dimaskaranya, mungkin. Kulit mata mbak Sari bisa jadi sensitif.

      Cara pakai maskara gampang kok. Banyak tutorialnya di youtube ^ ^

  4. pakai mascara apa sampe bulu matanya rontok?

    btw, lancome is good....
    tapi mihil banget :(.

    1. pake maybelline volume express. Kyknya nggak cocok ya. Jd rontok gitu setelah pemakaian lama. ^ ^


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