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by - July 22, 2012

Hi, Guys!

How are ya? I’d like to say that I’m happy! I’m happy with my new office. Yep, I moved, again! (hope it’s the last! Well, for 1 untill 2 years ahead) My new office is PT. Pyramedia Cipta Berliantama. I do love my job. I work as media planner project officer. Again, something new for me. Thanks to God because He always be with me. Thanks for trusting me for this position. No one never said its gonna be easy. But must be the first time for everything, right? 

And, I can say I do enjoy with my job! I meet a lot of people. Like I said I really love meet new people, widening network, etc. This is what I want. Job which is related with media, meet new people, and writing. You know what? The best thing are I have second family here (Yep! All people so kind hearted, warmth, and welcome to me), we respect each other. People work here from Javanese. And now, I’m the only one who come from other race. But still, we respect each other. I love’em!

Anyway, my project this year is about related with tourism. Yeah, we have supporting Tourism and Economy Creative Ministry to let Indonesian aware with our beauty side of Indonesia. Especially we want let people know that Tourism and Economy Creative Ministry has official webstie about tourism. Just log on to

Here some of pictures for ya! Enjoy!
taken from
This is part of Alor, East Flores. If you like to see more of'em. Just click here 

taken from
The gleaming water is extraordinarily refreshing for swimming or snorkeling. Parasols were built although very few people know the island even exists. Rutong Island is only 30 minutes from the harbor of Riung.— at Lasiana Beach, Kupang - East Nusa Tenggara.

taken from
 Raja Ampat, Irian Jaya
Believe me, it makes me more love to Indonesia. And makes me proud as Indonesian. We have 33 provinces with beaches, mountains, lakes, cultures, rocks, etc. And we even better from others for view. As Indonesian, I really want to travel around Indonesia. 

I feel ashamed when foreigner knowing better about my country. Fresh my memory when I met my pal from Georgia and Netherland. They told me that they fallin’ in love with Indonesia. Untill they asked me, “Do you know how many population in Indonesia?” And I become frozen. In my heart, I cursed my self how stupid I am. And how embarrassed, me, as Indonesian. I don’t even know exactly how many people live in here! In my country! Dang! And just by the time, they mentioned how many it is, precise! Insane!

Anyway my boss gave it to me last Friday. He just went to Europe for family holiday. Thanks to my boss, Mr. Farid and his wife, Mrs. Mita. Love ya both!

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